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AlphaScreener is an all-in-one stock screener and backtesting tool for the DIY investors

Why AlphaScreener?

With AlphaScreener, you can use fundamental and technical filters to filter more than 6,000+ US stocks. You can then backtest your strategy with over 20 years of historical data, in a look-ahead, bias-free manner.

Filters for all sorts of strategies

AlphaScreener offers you more than 80 filters across more than 15 categories.

Robust Backtesting

Backtest your strategy with over 20+ years of data. Evaluate portfolio statistics, base rates, and compare performance over various past stress events.

Powerful stock monitoring

Create multiple watchlists with unlimited members, CSV exports, and interactive graphs.

Detailed stock overview

Deep dive into a stock’s historical data, fundamentals, earnings, and compare it against its peers.

Shortlist stocks with AlphaScreener’s Screening feature

Whether you are a fundamental or technical investor, you can use various filters to narrow down your search. Screener stack-ranks stocks based on various factors and shortlists them based on the criteria you have chosen.

Validate your strategy with Evaluate

Backtest your screening strategy with the Evaluate function. Evaluate is our proprietary backtest engine that helps you discover how your strategy would have fared in the past 20 years. It is engineered to be time-agnostic (it compares everything on a relative basis) and to avoid lookahead bias.

The output allows you to compare your screening strategy against the S&P 500 benchmark across the past 20 years (and through various market stress events) in a statistically rigorous manner (via base rate comparisons).

Track your favorite securities with Watchlist

Create custom watchlists to monitor different securities. Choose the metrics you want to keep tabs on, so you can focus on the data points that are most relevant for you.

Keep tabs on the rapidly changing market with the Market tab

The Market tab helps you keep track of sector trends, indices, and market movers.

The Market tab comprises a heat map of the S&P 500, a sector graph showing the performances of the different market sectors, trends across major US indices, and the largest positive and negative movers over a certain period.

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